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Posted on 2013.11.02 at 23:02
Over a year since I updated? 'Scool, gonna jump right in here.



James is 4.5 years. Charlie is 2. They are wonderful and frustrating and fun and exhausting. James loves to draw. Charlie loves to be loud.

We just went to Disneyland. It was awesome.

Marcus and I are good.


That's where I am.

Mostly I'm excited about NaNoWriMo and felt compelled to stick that excitement sommmmewherrrrre.

Posted on 2012.07.17 at 12:59
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Just wrote an insanely long post for P101, asking for help because I don't know how to handle my son's reaction to a gymnastics class I took him to yesterday.

It was long. A long ass post.

I then tried to backspace something, and my computer interpreted that as me trying to go back a page. It went back a page, I lost the whole post. WOE.



Posted on 2012.05.07 at 23:04
OMG. How is it Mayyyyy?

Posted on 2012.01.19 at 23:15
Oh, the bliss of freedom when, after two hours of trying repeatedly, you manage to put your baby down without him waking up for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. Ah, sweet, decadent urination. The opportunity to was my face, brush my teeth, get a drink... Just in time to hear his plaintive mumblings from the other room when he stirs and discovers I've committed the ultimate betrayal of not holding him forever.

Going through a rough sleep patch. In case you couldn't guess.

Sleeps all right at night as long as he's in my arms. This week, wakes instantly on being put down. Still won't sleep with me in bed, won't nurse to sleep lying down, just gets continually more restless. So frustrating.

It'll pass, it'll pass.

The hardest part about having baby number two has been when James wants me at night and I can't go to him. It hurts me in the solar plexus.

All complaints aside, though, my boys are amazing. Charlie is 5.5 months, James less than two weeks from being 3. They're so different. James is getting so tall, he's communicating so well and expressing complex thoughts all the time in ways that astonish me. Charlie laughs all the time and has the sweetest cheeks, I have to nom them all the time.

Soooooo it's all worth it.

But dude, can't wait for this part of things to pass.


Posted on 2011.10.31 at 21:21

Long time no write! As though baby weren't enough on his own, my hard drive fried on my laptop. Kept holding off posting until I could get it fixed so I could post pictures of my boys, but finally contacted Dell and the verdict is that the drive is totally toast. Unrecoverable. Going to take it in for a second opinion, but not holding my breath. Woe!

Halloween! James was Iron Man. Took him trick-or-treating, just to a few houses around Marcus's parents' court, as Iron Man was feeling rather reserved and steadfastly refused to say trick-or-treat, Happy Halloween, or thank you. Pretty much stuck with "no" unless confronted with the question " do you want more candy" in which case he could muster a begrudging and short "yes." was fun though. Got Charlie a last minute costume too, so soon as I get my new hard drive and can get pics off my camera, shall poorly lit but proudly taken pictures of my little Iron Man and Buzz Lightyear.

Having my boys is great. James has been so good with Charlie and more understanding than I could ever have hoped for about my having to split my attention between them. The only real trouble he's had with anything is that I spend at least half the night in the living room, sleeping in the recliner with Charlie. I start in the bed, then when baby wakes up I move, but James is going through a kind of insecure, anxious, clingy phase and he doesn't like that I'm not next to him in bed all night long. Marc handles it well, he gets him back to sleep usually in less than ten minutes, but it still hurts my heart to hear him call for me and not be able to go right to him. Charlie's getting big. Not sure how much he weighs, but he's all chubby cheeks and squashy thighs. He's a jolly baby too, has dimples and coos for just about anyone. Hates the carseat, if possible, more than his big brother did. 11 weeks old.

Trying to decide aboutNaNoWriMo. Don't hold outmuch hope of winning, especially when,inch of it would have to be typed on the iPad, but may be fun. Better decide, Beijing as it starts tomorrow. Damn, can't blieve how quick this year has gone. Won't be terribly sad to see the end of 2010.

Life is going.


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FDA seizes shipments of birth tubs

Posted on 2011.05.26 at 18:31
I had a prenatal with my midwife today, and she was all in a tizzy about this - apparently as of yesterday FDA has begun seizing shipments of birth tubs coming into the US. Their reason? Birth tubs are medical devices that have not been approved by the FDA. Further, my favorite part, is that pregnancy is an ILLNESS and birth is a medical event that must be monitored.

I'm still just boggled by this, and when I got home I looked it up and found the following blog writing about it, that gives a little more detail: http://blog.cuntastic.org/2011/05/26/birth-pools-seized-by-fda-in-portland-or/

Seriously, FDA? Seriously?

My baby is due in just over two months. I want my freaking waterbirth.

x-posted to naturalbirth, just wanted it here for reference purposes.

Posted on 2011.04.06 at 12:08
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Meandering, probably dull, thoughts on my pregnancy/iesCollapse )


Posted on 2011.03.29 at 16:47
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Decided to start a gentle, no-pressure potty training last week. Broke out some Spiderman undies, to a very positive reception. Think we started on Thursday? He had one little accident on Thursday, one on Friday (by little I mean he started peeing, realized it, and then told me and finished on the potty). On Saturday we spent a good deal of time out of the house, and when we got back his diaper was still dry. Amazement! Now we only put him in pull-ups when we go out, at home (ours or his grandparents') he's entirely in undies. He hasn't peed in a pull-up since that Saturday, he holds it until he can get to a potty. This morning? He woke up dry in his nighttime diaper, and PEED LIKE A RACEHORSE. Today he also let me know he needed to poo on the potty - he has had no poo accidents, but it's just because I've been fortunate enough to catch him making Poo Face and got him to the potty in time. Today he let me know before hand, and used the potty accordingly.



I expect there will be occasional slip ups, and it's possible there will be the occasional "regression," particularly once his brother is born, but still. I AM SO EXCITED. I could not have wished for it to be this easy, to go this well, this /early/. He's just 2 years old. He is so proud of himself, and I'm so proud of him, and I'm sure this is all of interest only to other mamas on my friends list (and possibly not even then), but I MUST RECORD MY GLEE.

All right. I'm done. No more poop talk.




Posted on 2011.03.25 at 09:14
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Last night I got to snuggle with my boy in the loveliest way. I knew it would take him awhile to fall asleep, it generally does when he has a nap during the day, and I was prepared for the two hours of frustration and my arm falling asleep as he laid in the crook of my elbow and refused to let me move, the tossing and turning and endless (increasingly sleepy) requests to "geeeeet uuuuuup?" But it wasn't this at all.

After books and songs, he snuggled up close to me, closer than he usually does - closer than he really has since he stopped nursing. His head was leaning against my chest, my arms were both around him, and we just looked at each other's face in the dim glow from the baby monitor. He didn't ask to get up, he didn't fuss or squirm. His shadowy face was so beautiful, and I stroked his hair and his cheek, running my thumb over his nose and eyebrow because that helps him remember to close his eyes (a trick I learned when he was a newborn - he still sometimes forgets). I rubbed his back and kissed his sweet hair. His eyes drooped more and more, he opened them less and less, and finally he was asleep. I stayed awhile longer than I needed to, just because I didn't want to let him go.

This whole time I could feel our new baby inside me, kicking and squirming, and could only think how lucky I am. So so lucky. I don't want to forget these moments, and I'm terrible at recording them, so here it is.

In other news, I've contacted the Sutter Davis volunteer doula program to get more information. I'm hoping that I'll be able to connect with them and get my name on their volunteer list in the next week, so I'll be able to start attending births! I'm so excited, so thrilled to have the opportunity to do this, but also so nervous! Hopefully I can get it set up soon. Also need to get my certification packet from DONA, so when I do start attending births I'll have the necessary documentation to put them towards my certification.

Posted on 2011.03.22 at 12:51
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I love getting the chance to just sit and watch my boy. It brings me such pleasure, when he's not aware he's being watched. Right now I gave him a plum with his lunch, not sure if he'd be willing to try it (he hasn't had plums since last summer, I think) - and he is eating it with such relish, juice dripping down his chin and hands. He's going to be all sticky after, but bath time is up next, so no matter!

I love watching him run around the living room with his Buzz Lightyear toy, making it fly, bellowing "to infeeweewee annnn beeeeeYONNNN."

I love watching him read to himself. He knows almost all the words to Green Eggs and Ham, and Hop on Pop (his two favorite books ATM, along with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - his favorite part is when all the letters fall out of the tree and he says, while chuckling, "ABCDEFGHYKelmoPQRSTwooVdoubleXYZ fall /down/."

He just looked at me very earnestly saying, "May I... mommy, mommy, may I have more plums?"

Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so grateful, and so blessed, and even on the days where he wakes up ridiculously early and didn't sleep and I'm a sleepy, grumpy, surly grouch and feel like crap... I am still the happiest I've ever been, thanks to this impish little boy.

He loves quesadeewah, oranges, bell pepper, pizza, penis butter sannich (HAHAHA), chips and salsa, milk cereal (as opposed to dry cereal, you see), and above all else, cookie and candy. And apparently plums. Oh, and berries of all kinds. He loves books, loves TV (a little more than I'd like sometimes), Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, choo choo trains, blocks, drawing. He loves tickles and hugs and kisses.
He hates having his hair washed or brushed, and thus looks like he's been electrocuted about 50% of the time. He hates tomatoes, just like mommy and daddoo, and won't eat fish generally unless it's in stick form.
He's so fiercely independent that "do it self" has become the bane of my existence... well, perhaps second place, after the words "this is MINE," which he with utter just about every other sentence when he's playing with his cousin, whilst simultaneously trying to grab things away. Oh boy. We're working on it.

He sleeps pretty well these days. Napping has become more rare, but that has made bedtime much easier. He takes a nap every few days, and I don't feel like he's entirely ready to give napping up, but I'm not sure what to do about it - it's difficult, sometimes impossible, to get him to go down for a nap (and it does make bedtime /so/ much easier), but he gets progressively more "on edge" for the next few days until he's tired enough to crash midday. We'll figure it out, I suppose.

Anyway, there is NO POINT to this post except to read back on in a couple years time to remember how awesome my baby is.

Also, he's wearing big boy undies right now. Ones with Spiderman /and/ Iron Man on them. We'll see how /this/ goes.


P.S. Also of note, have just done a DONA doula training workshop! Am going to doula! Am V.V. excited + also super nervous!

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